A downloadable game for Windows

This is an one-man student project made for my portfolio in Unity. 

Cardslinger is an Action RPG / Cardgame hybrid. Where the player uses ability cards instead of spells to defeat enemies. Throughout the game the player finds and adds new cards to their arsenal of abilities to use in combat.

Gamelength: ~30min

Made by Joshua Christiansen.

Check out my website:  joshua-christiansen.com

A The Game Assembly, Student Project.

All Gameplay is made in Unity C#. 
Emphasis on Game and Level Design.
Assets and Models are made from various paid and free asset packs.


CardslingerGame_1.4.9.rar 157 MB


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I was really skeptical of this going in, not usually a fan of randomness in games especially when it's on your own attacks. But, save for the very early game, this works so well! I really felt like I had to focus to see the new available attacks and to pick the most advantageous for the situation. It could use a bit of polish in the audio and visual departments, but the mechanics are solid! 


Same, I hate all kinds of RNG in Multiplayer games (I still like Hearthstone tho), but I'm fine with it for singleplayer games mostly.